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Unbeatable combination!!

Tungsten & Titanium!!

Even if you afraid of breaking down of tungsten, for this model, titnaium part will be protect from breaking down of tungsten. Of course, there is some risks but much reduced...

Germanium & Magnets!!

Magnets is famous for increasing blood circulation for a long time already, and next one is... YES, germanium!!

We only use true germanium ore which is an ore, not mixed powder ones. (Mixed ones' is usually mix with black epoxy,so its colour maybe black.) Germanium also imported from Japan.
The purity is 99.999%.

What is germanium? How does it work?

A germanium atom has 32 electrons with four of them moving unsteadily along its outermost shell. These 4 electrons are ejeted out of its orbit when the temperature would be above 32 degrees. The balanced 3 elections seize an electron from other atoms in order to maintain balance.

In conclusion, after you wear this bracelet, the negativly charged electrons from the millions germanium atoms will attract harmful positively charged electrons from your body!!

If you want to modify, it's also welcome!!

We offer you something really new and attractive!!

Material: Tungsten & Titanium
Size: Any